TEXT Lot Vekemans

WITH Fabian Kulp, Lina Habicht, Stephanie van Batum

Party Time

TEXT Harold Pinter

WITH László Branko Breiding, Henrike Commichau, Maike Schroeter, Nora Schulte
VIDEO Florian Schaumberger
ASSISTENT Rebecca Thoß

Fallen Princesses

Performative installation based on Elfriede Jelinek's Prinzessinnendramen

WITH Mona Vojacek Koper, Stephanie van Batum
VIDEO/SOUND Florian Schaumberger
MAKE-UP Raimund Vetter, Sylvi Wollmann, Brigitte Frank

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PONY CAMP: Troilus & Cressida

WITH Tom Afman, Colin Hausberg, Stacyian Jackson, Bekim Latifi, Cyril Manusch, Louis Nitsche, William Bartley Cooper
VIDEO/SOUND Florian Schaumberger
DRAMATURGY Katharina Nay, Christine Milz
ASSISTENT Rebecca Thoß

PHOTO Federico Pedrotti


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Password: FRINGE16

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5 Minutes Of Fame

Interactive solo performance

Everybody wants to be famous! But what exactly is "fame"? How do you get it? And how do you lose it? Is it something you can hold on to? Is fame an object, an experience, or a promise? Or is it nothing but smoke and mirrors? Andy Warhol said: "In the future, everybody will be famous for fifteen minutes". Looking at the entertainment industry nowadays, it looks like he was right. Reality TV shows, TV competitions like Idol, X-Factor and The Voice; Everyone can get their own little portion of Fame - your own personal 5 minutes! Wait, what? Only 5? Yes. With the current inflation, 15 minutes nowadays would be considered quite excessive, of course.

Warten Auf Godot

Outdoor long-duration performance piece based on the text by Samuel Beckett

WITH Lea Johanna Geszti, Mira Huber, Stephanie van Batum

Eine Möwe

WITH Philipp Basener, Colin Hausberg, Fabian Kulp, Hannah Schutsch, Caroline Tyka, Mona Vojacek Koper, Vincent zur Linden
STAGE DESIGN Lili Anschütz
DRAMATURGY Christine Milz

"We need new forms. New forms - or nothing at all." EINE MÖWE is a series of momentary events, a continuously spinning merry-go-round of appearances and disappearances. It is about the dreams and desires of a new generation of young artists. They struggle for acknowledgement, for new ways in the arts. Their peers are the established icons of the art world, the old generation that won't make room the new. They appear forever young in their iconic status, with nothing to do but copy themselves.

"Mann muss das Leben nicht so darstellen, wie es ist, und nicht so, wie es sein soll, sondern wie man es sich in seinen Träumen vorstellt"
- Anton Tschechow

(The video footage is an excerpt, only the first act)

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Turmbau Zu Babel

Interactive chain of performances at the Tollwood Festival in Munich

WITH Tom Afman, Thomas Dudkiewicz, Stephanie van Batum

Die Zofen

TEXT Jean Genet

WITH Jonathan Berlin, Daniel Gawlowski

Happy Days

TEXT Samuel Beckett

WITH Caroline Tyka, Colin Hausberg